TEZLA.xyz Node Information

Information about Tezla's public Tezos node can be found here. Supporting decentralization can be easy!

TEZLA.xyz Node Information
Shubham Dhage via Unsplash

Tezla.xyz operates a public node with the sole intention of helping to decentralize the Tezos ecosystem. It was set up with the help of @Sebuh_com, and will be maintained by @klickdotdev.

There are no mechanisms in place to track any data or information. Anything that may get logged is purely incidental and will not be used for anything other than generic "this is how many people connected to the node today" types of questions. Any concerns? Reach out to us.

TEZLA RPC: https://tezla.xyz:8732

Unsure of how to switch to a different node? Check out this guide from Madfish on how to do it within Temple Wallet.