Lockt.io: Unlockable Content on Tezos, Any Platform

Here's a quick guide on using Lockt.io - a tool to add unlockable content to any Tezos NFT.

Lockt.io: Unlockable Content on Tezos, Any Platform

Thanks to lockt.io (created by codecrafting) we now have unlockable content that is compatible with any standard FA1.2/FA2 token on Tezos. With a few simple steps we can get unlockables tied to any arbitrary NFT, and this guide will show you how.

  1. Sync wallet on Lockt.io.
Lockt Homepage

2. You should see a page that looks like this after syncing.

3. Select the Create Lock button and you'll be presented with this dialog box. You'll need a few pieces of information to complete this step, but it's all straightforward.

  • Contract Address is the KT1 address of the collection the NFT comes from for which you want to provide unlockables for. When looking at an NFT via OBJKT.com, you can look at the URL (the /asset/KT1.../ is the address) to determine the address, or look at the properties section on the page.
  • Token ID identifies the specific NFT inside the collection. You can see the ID number in the URL or by checking the properties section.
  • Amount is how many of the listed NFTs they need to in order to access the unlockable content.
  • Name is simply the title of the unlockable content.
  • Description describes the unlockable content.
  • Files to lock is the actual unlockable content. You can include any arbitrary files as long as it's less than 100MB. Images, videos, PDFs, text files, etc. It's all usable.

Most of the necessary information is in the Properties section on OBJKT.

4. Once you've got everything filled in it should look like this.

5. Now after submitting the unlockables, you should see it listed on the Lockt website like this. The link to the unlockable content can be copied by clicking on the little icon to the right of the name.

6. When someone visits the link to the unlockable content, this is what they'll be presented with.

7. Upon connecting their wallet with the correct NFTs, it'll look like this. They can download the content by selecting the download button.

That's all there is to it. It's not directly integrated into any platforms yet, but that could change in the future. There's also a chance it gets upgraded in the future to allow for things like granting additional NFTs as unlockable content. If there's anything that I didn't address in this short guide that you'd like to see clarified, let me know.